Why the Middle East Won’t Leave Us Alone


Presenter: Hon. Margaret Scobey, Diplomat and Retired Ambassador to Egypt

Tuition: $5  Prepay Lisa at the Welcome Center

Course Time and Date: 10 am – 12 pm, Friday November 1

Location:Yacht Club Gallery

From the time we were children, we have known that the Middle East was and is a place of continual unrest. In fact, whether we read ancient history or the daily newspaper, we read reports of conflict in the Middle East. All of us have lived through wars major and long-lasting, wars brief with legacies of hostility, the rise of militant Islam, repetitive oil crises, and problems that not only seem intractable, but are. If you are interested in world politics, you will want to hear Ambassador Scobey’s experience with and insight into how US politics and the turmoil in the Middle East are intertwined, and how US policy towards various Middle Eastern countrieshas changed over the years.

Tellico Village University is honored to welcome the recently retired Ambassador to Egypt, Margaret Scobey, discuss this pivotal region in current times.

Presenter: A native of Tennessee, Margaret Scobey attended UT Knoxville and went on to the University of Michigan for her doctorate in history. After college, she had a 30+ year career in diplomacy. Her ports of call included Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jerusalem, and Peru. In the early 21stcentury, she was appointed Ambassador to Syria, and then spent a year in Iraq, when free elections in that country were the headlines in American newspapers.

In 2008, she was appointed Ambassador to Egypt and has recently retired to Eastern Tennessee. Having served under both Republican and Democratic administrations, she has worked with George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and others who are only known to most of us through the media.

Ambassador Scobey has received many awards for her service, including the Department of State Award for Distinguished Service and a Presidential Award.

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