Sequoyah, His Syllabary, and a Lot of Sinister Shenanigans

Sequoyah, His Syllabary, and A Lot of Sinister Shenanigans

Presenter:  Wes Hibbert

Tuition: $5:     Prepay  Lisa at the Welcome Center (payable to TVU)

Course Time and Date:  9 am – 11 am, on Tuesday September 17

Location:  Chota Rec Center Room D



Some time between 1760 and 1770, the man who would be known as  Sequoyah was born in Tuskegee, near the Tennessee River, not far from Knoxville. We are not sure who his father was. We are almost as unknowing about his death. So why is he an important figure in local history?

Sequoyah was a Cherokee. What he accomplished in about a decade is comparable to what other cultures took centuries to accomplish. He was a genius who invented a writing system for the Cherokee that gave them the gift of literacy. But was his work all in vain?

This class will look closely at this man, his life and the dream that consumed him. Can we still use the tools his genius created? We will look at his work, his accomplishments, and his legacy.

Presenter:  Wes Hibbert earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and History at Kansas Wesleyan University. He taught 5th grade in Kansas City for several years and changed careers and began a long tenure — 25 years —  in hospital management services. Wes and his wife Sandy are long-time Villagers, and Wes has developed a following over the years as he shares his love of American Indian cultures, particularly the Cherokee culture, through his many talks for a wide variety of clubs and organizations both here in the Village and in the local area.