Classical Greek Art

The Quest for Perfection: A Brief Introduction to Ancient Greek Sculpture

Presenter:Dr. Carl Gombert, Maryville College

Tuition:$5   Prepay Lisa at the Welcome Center (payable to TVU)

Course Time and Date:  9:30 am – 11:30 am, on Monday November 4

Location: Chota Rec Center, Room D

Using depictions of the human figure as a focus, this informative, lively, and entertaining class will examine the development of Greek sculpture from the Archaic Period through the Hellenistic Period (ca. 900-100 BCE). We will look at works in both bronze and marble, and trace the evolution from early abstract and conceptual depictions to the highly idealized high classical work of the Periclean Age, and the realistic diversity of the later Hellenistic works. These developments will be discussed within the broader framework of Greek philosophy, religion and politics.

Dr Gombert, who has taught painting, drawing, and art history at Maryville College for more than 25 years, started taking painting lessons at 14 with money he earned delivering newspapers. He earned his BFA at the University of Akron, MFA in Painting from Kent State, and PhD in Interdisciplinary Fine Arts at Texas Tech University. With the support of the Appalachian College Association and the Mellon Foundation, he pursued post-graduate study in the art of Ancient Greece. His work has been in more than 300 exhibitions across the US and abroad; as well his work is in many museum, corporate, and collegiate collections.