Andrew Carnegie and George Pullman

The Gilded Age in America: Andrew Carnegie and George Pullman

Presenter: Jackie Curtiss

Tuition: $10    Pay at the door, cash or check (made to TVU)

Course Time and Dates:   10 am – 12 noon on Thursdays, September 26 and October 3

Location:  Kahite Community Center

The post-Civil War era saw enormous advances in industrialization in the United States. The Gilded Age, as Mark Twain termed it, witnessed immense disparities between the lives of the rich and the poor; fights over immigration; and much discussion about how to make life more fair. Sound familiar? This class will discuss post-Civil War problems and segue into the life and times of two of the greatest “robber barons” of them all: Andrew Carnegie and George Pullman. Join Village resident Jackie Curtiss as she shares her love of all things historical.

Please note: Jackie taught this course several years ago here in Tellico Village at the Chota Rec Center. If you’re someone who missed it the first time, treat yourself to this historically substantive and at the same time vividly entertaining “Jackie class.”

Presenter:  Jackie Curtiss is a life-long lover of history. She has taught history at Lone Star College, Houston Community College, and a dual credit high school for the last 15 years of her teaching career. Since retiring to Tellico Village, she has brought her enthusiastic and occasionally irreverent style of teaching to a variety of subjects, including Victorian English authors, the Age of Louis XIV, and the nearly 50-year military service of Civil War General Winfield Scott.