Google Drive & Google Apps

Social Media 4 Seniors: Google Drive and Google Apps (4-hour class over 2 days, 2 hours each day)

Presenter:Jennifer Dancu

Tuition: $25

Course Time and Dates:  12 – 2 pm,  Wednesday and Thursday November 13 and 14

Location:  Welcome Center

Bring your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to this class. If you already have a Google account, be sure you know your username and password.

Note: Some aspects of Google will be difficult with just a smartphone, so it is better to use a laptop or tablet. Be sure you know how to use the device you bring: this class is not a “how-to” for the device itself.

In this class, you will learn all things Google! That includes using Google Drive (cloud storage), all the resources of gmail, Google Docs, Sheets (spreadsheets), and Slides (slideshows). You will learn how to use Google Photos, and how to use Google Calendar to organize and share your scheduled events with others.

Register:Click the link below for the Social Media 4 Seniors website. Register and pay the fee.

On the website, scroll down to find the name of the class you are registering for.

Just click on it, and follow the directions.