Successful Healthy Aging

Successful, Healthy Aging

Presenters:  Elaine Wilson, LCSW, CCM  and Melanie Cahill, MS

Tuition:  $5    Prepay Lisa at the Welcome Center (payable to TVU)

Course Time and Date:  1:00 pm – 3 pm  on Wednesday, October 30

Location:  Chota Rec Center, Room D


Are you curious about the elements that play a part in aging successfully? What factors are important when you consider healthy aging? What are some of the changes that may occur with age? A working definition of successful, healthy aging will be explored in this class. Tips for successful, healthy aging will be discussed in the areas of brain exercise, nutrition, physical exercise, social connections, and emotions. Join us as we share information in the first half of the classfrom the research literature to address these questions and more, and together explore this interesting, relevant, and variable topic.

In the second half of the class,  the focus is on keeping mentally fit and resilient. What do those have in common, and what benefits to they bring? Exploring these questions will lead to definitions, exploration of issues like why one person may seem to be more resilient than another, ways to increase one’s resilience, the effects of aging on the brain, and ways of maintaining mental fitness and agility. Is exercise / are exercises for the brain a good thing? Yes, as we shall see.

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