The Music of Poetry

The Music of Poetry: Hiding in Plain Sight

Presenter:  Marilyn V. Olander, PhD

Tuition:$5    Prepay Lisa at the Welcome Center

Course Time and Date:  9:30 – 11:30, Tuesday October 15

Location:Chota Rec Center, Room D


In “Ars Poetica,” Archibald MacLeish says that “a poem should not mean / but be.” Poetry and opera share the general distinction of being low on the list of fun pursuits because, as we remember from high school, poetry seems difficult, or boring, or it requires the ability to discover the hidden meaning that surely lurks in murky symbols and odd words like “when’ere” and “betimes.” But have a look at poetry from a different angle, and see how poets choose and shape and form patterns of words that sing songs of every kind of life experience, and for every reason from humorous to melancholy. In this class we will learn the vocabulary and recognize the language patterns in poetic forms from haiku to sonnets to nonsense poetry to blank verse and free verse that enable us to talk about how a poem magically both “means” and “is.” And sometimes, once encountered, echoes in memory.

Presenter:  Marilyn earned BA and MA degrees in English from Miami University which over time led to a career as a high school English teacher, Department Chair, and Director of Instruction at a top public high school in suburban Chicago. Thanks to a more recent PhD in instructional technology, she has taught online college courses in the humanities, writing, and professional uses of social media, and has served on more than a dozen dissertation review committees for doctoral candidates. In Tellico Village, she volunteers as the Director of Tellico Village University and writes grants for the TAP philanthropy of the Tellico Village Computer Users Club.

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