Benjamin Franklin & Benedict Arnold

Present at the Revolution: Benjamin Franklin and Benedict Arnold

Presenter: David Holman

Tuition:  $10   Prepay Lisa at the Welcome Center

Course Times and Dates:  9:30 am – 11:30 am, Fridays October 4  and 11

Location:  Room D in the Chota Rec Center

The first session of this course is an illuminating look at Benjamin Franklin, one of the most versatile, energetic, and public-minded geniuses America has ever produced. He was a statesman and signer of the Declaration of Independence, and ambassador to Britain before the Revolution. As ambassador to France prior to and during the Revolution, he was a primary generator of European funding for the war effort and then the nascent United States, which he served in the Continental Congress and then as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention  as well as being a virtually lifelong promoter of civic improvement. And along the way of an amazing life, he was connoisseur of good wine and lively company.

In the second session of the course, a close look at Benedict Arnold, whose life followed a distinctly different path. Who was he? What choices did he make and what consequences accrued that led a gifted and vivid player on the historic stage of colonial America from potentially great grace . . . to great disgrace? A superb battlefield commander in the Revolutionary war, he quickly rose through the ranks of military leadership, and distinguished himself again and again.  How and why did Arnold brand himself  forever a traitor?

Presenter:  David Holman earned a degree in history from Cal State Hayward, and then became a special education teacher, working for a number of years with special needs children. Eventually he and his wife chose early retirement and moved to Oak Ridge, where they are closer to family and where Dave fully indulges his passion for history, particularly the distinctive individual players who populate that stage. He lectures regularly at Roane State and UT and other venues;  a look at his YouTube channel  “Holman’s History” reveals a broad and deep catalog of subjects he has given his special treatment.

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