Android Basics

Social Media 4 Seniors: Android Basics (4-hour class over two days)

Presenter:Jennifer Dancu


Course Time and Dates:  12 pm – 2 pm,  Wednesday & Thursday September 11 and 12

Location:Welcome Center

Bring your Android phone to the class. (this is NOT for iPhone/iPad )

Register:  Click the link for the Social Media 4 Seniors website. Register and pay fee.

On the website, scroll down to find the name of the class you are registering for.

Just click on it, and follow the directions.

How to register: See below

1    Click the blue “REGISTER HERE” link.

2    On the Social Media 4 Seniors website, click the down arrow [ v ] next to “Calendar.”

3    Select “Register Online.”

4     Click on the title of the class you want to register for.

5     Click on “Options,” choose Location and Dates

6     Click on “Add to cart” and pay.


Have you recently upgraded from a flip phone to an Android smartphone? Or have you had your Android smartphone for a while, and only use it for phone calls? If you’d like to learn the ins and outs of Androids, as well as how to take advantage of its many organizatonal tools as well as the countless apps you can add to it for even more versatility and fun, this 4-hour class is for you. You’ll learn about settings; how to change wallpaper and manage apps including the built-in contacts, calendar, camera, mail, and text. You’ll also learn Google Chrome basics as well as the Google Play Store and the Galaxy store.