iPad iPhone Basic Workshop

February 13-14  9:30-11:30

Welcome Center Conference Room


The next best thing to private tutoring!

Have you recently upgraded from a flip phone to an iPhone? Or have you had your iPhone for a while and only use it for phone calls? If you have an iPhone or an iPad and you are ready to learn the ins & outs of it, as well as how to take advantage of it’s many organizational tools. And the countless number of apps you can add to it for even more fun, register today for this workshop!  During the 4 hour iPad/iPhone workshop, you will learn the following:


  1. Different iPad/iPhone models
  2. Care and Charging and buttons
  3. Understanding settings
  4. Changing wallpaper
  5. Manage Apps, searching for, organizing into folders, moving, etc…
  6. Using built in apps – contacts, calendar, camera, mail, text
  7. Safari Basics
  8. Itunes, connecting to computer
  9. iCloud basics
  10. Printing
  11. Troubleshooting – soft reset

** You must bring an iPhone or iPad with you to this workshop, as well as your Apple ID and password.  If you’re not sure of your Apple Id & password, you may have written it down somewhere.  OR whoever helped you set up your iPad or iPhone may know it. Do your best to come with this information.


Tuition for this class is $25 through the SocialMedia4Seniors website. .


REGISTER HERE  at the SocialMedia4 Seniors website