State of the U.S. Economy: Is the Next Economic Recession Looming?

State of the U.S. Economy: Is the Next Recession Looming?

Dr. Ryan Mickey- Maryville College

Tuition: $5

Course Time and Date: Tuesday April 9; 10am to 12 noon

Chota Rea Center Room D

In July 2019, more than ten years after the beginning of the Great Recession, the current economic expansion is poised to become the longest on record.  Most indications are that the economy is strong and showing few signs of weakness, but most recessions are difficult, if not impossible, to predict accurately.  Why should we continue to be optimistic about the economy?  What events could cause the next recession?  Dr. Mickey will use history, data, and economic theory to explain the current state of the economy and offer insights into what might be in store for our economy in the near future.


Dr. Ryan Mickey teaches introductory economics, international trade and finance, macroeconomics, and urban economics at Maryville College.  He has worked in financial planning and investment management, and as an analyst in foreign exchange in Charlotte, N.C.  His research interests are in urban and regional economics, and public economics.  Specifically, Dr. Mickey studies how cities and regions in the United States change as the U.S. population ages.