Just Punishment: A Look at Incarceration and Its Purpose in the Criminal Justice System

Just Punishment: Incarceration and Its Purpose in the Criminal Justice System

Dr. Regina Benedict-  Maryville College

Tuition: $5

Course Date and Time: Wednesday March 13; 6-8pm

Chota Rec Center  Room D


Consider this:


  • In March of 2017 the Loudon County commissioners approved $15 million in jail expansion.
  • There are 33 registered sex offenders who live among us in our county.
  • The United States has approximately 4.4% of the world’s population and 22% of its prisoners.
  • Over 5% of Americans will have an experience with the prison system.


This course will provide an overview of the justifications for punishment and how they relate to current practices within adult corrections.  We will discuss incarceration as a gendered experience by comparing male and female inmates and facilities.  We will discuss inmate subcultures and coping during incarceration.  The class will also address the prevalence of drugs and addiction within prisons and current practices of rehabilitation.


Instructor: Dr. Regina (Gina) Benedict is the coordinator of the Criminal Justice department at Maryville College.  Dr. Benedict’s research concerns the experience of incarceration, especially for women.  She focuses on coping mechanisms and adaptions among inmate populations.  She is also interested in families of offenders and how families are affected by having a loved one in jail.  Dr. Benedict teaches various Criminal Justice classes, including Introduction to Criminal Justice, Investigative Forensics, Juvenile Delinquency, and Gender and Crime.