Navigating Conflict Successfully

Nikki Calvano, JD, MS Strategic Leadership, and Villager

Tuition: $5

Course Time and Date: Tuesday March 12 ; 9-11am

Chota Rec Center Room D


Do you ever engage in groups where there are people who always raise conflicting ideas, experiences, and preferences?

This session will be very helpful for anyone who plays a leadership role in a Tellico Village organization, a community project, or a professional group of any kind.  Let’s face it . . .  people will be people, and where there are two or more, there will be conflict. Here’s your chance to learn some techniques and gain insights into identifying conflict and guiding others to use that conflict in a constructive way, an essential skill for building and sustaining relationships.

Understanding conflict and developing an ability to engage in conflict constructively is essential for building and sustaining relationships. It impacts how we get along and enjoy interacting in our social groups, club activities, community affairs, and volunteer work.  This course offers the opportunity to

  • Learn more about ourselves and others in conflict so we can reframe how we think about conflict and how we respond in conflict situations;
  • Develop our communication skills and emotional intelligence in order to recognize and manage emotional reactions to conflict;
  • Distinguish between constructive and destructive conflict,
  • Appreciate the different conflict handling behaviors along with when and how to use each of them.

Instructor: Villager Nikki Calvano was a federal prosecutor, a civil trial attorney, and a training professional with the U.S. Department of Justice for over 25 years.  She continues to consult in areas of leadership training and strategic planning. The topic of conflict management and communication styles is a favorite course she developed for her clients and students.