Passing On a Natural Legacy-Sustainability at Tellico Village

September 25


Chota Room A

What can individuals do to make sure our natural resources are of high quality and remain so for generations to come?  This two hour presentation will describe methods and daily living habits to conserve natural resources in our homes and backyards.  Learn how such environmentally sustainable thinking and practices saves money, helps the planet and makes people feel happy – all at the same time!


Hour One: Your Food Footprint: Past and Present, Systems Thinking and Sustainability, Hygge/Lagom (Happiness) and its connection to the environment: The Scandinavian Perspective

Hour Two:  Water Quality Issues, Efficiency and Ecosystems in your own Backyard: Energy, Waste, Recycling, and Conservation, Change Agents: How to pass on a natural legacy


Our instructors are two members of the Environmental Studies program at Maryville College

ADRIENNE SCHWARTE  Associate Professor Maryville College

Ms. Schwarte is the Coordinator of the Sustainability Studies Minor at Maryville College, and she holds a Professional Certificate in Campus Sustainability Leadership from the Institute for Global Sustainability from the University of Vermont (Burlington, VT).

MARK O’GORMAN  is Professor of Political Science and the Coordinator of Environmental Studies Program.

Dr. Mark has presented for Tellico Village University before, and all agreed his educational programs are well worth your time and attention.  He has eighteen years teaching environmental public policy and environmental sustainability and a decade of service as an academic sustainability officer in both formal and informal capacities.  He is a successful grant writer, including projects that funded environment, science & technology startup companies and for international environmental education initiatives with EU and US government agencies. He is currently working on environmental education for TN towns, watershed management programming in the southeastern US, and renewable energy development to ensure a sustainable America as a primary national security goal.

Registration though our TVU website at is required so we may set up for the audience.  A CASH ONLY tuition of $5 will be collected to provide a well-deserved honorarium to our professors.