Tellico Village University is developed and delivered through a Curriculum Committee of appointed members. The Committee identifies topics of interest for potential course planning, arranges for class offerings for residents, and identifies other resources Villagers may enjoy to pursue their own learning or to plan learning in groups.


To contribute to a more satisfying adult living experience by coordinating diverse, convenient and affordable opportunities for lifelong learning.


Tellico Village University (TVU) shall be nationally recognized and valued as a center for lifelong learning that contributes to the quality of life in Tellico Village.


Tellico Village University accomplishes its Mission and realizes its Vision through three major initiatives:

  • Serving as a central clearinghouse for learning programs planned and managed by current Tellico Village organizations.
  • Locating and promoting other available and affordable area learning resources easily accessible to Tellico Villagers.
  • Developing and offering other learning events such as short courses, lectures, and tours on a variety of topics of interest to Tellico Village residents.


TVU Roles and Responsibilities

The Director of Tellico Village University provides leadership to the development, planning, delivery and evaluation of TVU with the Curriculum Committee.

Tellico Village University Curriculum Committee is responsible for determining courses/classes that are suitable for Tellico Village residents, establishing criteria and standards for programs and instructors, recruiting Villagers as instructors, representing TVU to external organizations for partnership support, and proving general support and coordination to the university’s activities.

Tellico Village University Class Coordination Crew is a team of Villagers who support each instructor and the class by ensuring that making available course materials, and handling all administrative duties such as registration, tuition collection and collection of feedback.

TVU Partner Organizations are organizations that provide opportunities for learning; and who choose to affiliate with TVU as part of a decentralized network of learning organizations. Partner organizations are designated on the TVU website; and they note their university affiliation on their materials. They are responsible for the following:

  1. Developing their own learning programs for their members.
  2. Communicating how non-members may or may not participate in their learning events.
  3. Managing all related expenditures and revenues for their learning programs.
  4. Citing their Partnership with TVU with the words “Tellico Village Partner” in a prominent location on their website; providing a link to the TVU website on their website.
  5. Promoting the presence of TVU as an asset to the quality of life in Tellico Village.
  6. Naming a point of contact representative to communicate with TVU Curriculum Committee.

Tellico Village Residents are responsible for complying with all administrative requirements, e.g., registration, fee payment and participation as described by the sponsoring organization.


TVU Policies and Guidelines

TVU has established Policies and Guidelines to ensure the efficient operation, integrity and credibility of  TVU. These Policies and Guidelines are established based upon the values placed on community inclusion, efficiency of operation needed for an all-volunteer program and recognition of the diversity of  Tellico Village interests in lifelong learning. A copy of these policies and guidelines is found by clicking here.

Tellico Village Organizations

Tellico Village organizations listed on the Tellico Village University website shall maintain autonomy in the development and administration of their courses and programs. TVU reserves the right to decline inclusion in the University of any instructional program that does not meet TVU course and program criteria.

TVU Partners

A Tellico Village Partner is an organization that develops, offers and administers courses and learning/training programs open to Tellico Village residents as a part of  Tellico Village University. They shall be recognized as TVU Partners  on the website.

 Recruitment of Instructors

 Tellico Village University welcomes instructor nomination. Instructors can be Tellico Villagers or area residents. A recommendation process is provided on the website (See Contact Us). Criteria for selection of individuals as instructors are simple:

  1. For topics that come from a defined discipline, such as health, business management, government, or science, the instructor shall hold sufficient credentials to validate their credibility as an instructor on their topic. This usually means the right academic preparation.
  2. For topics that come from experience rather than academic preparation, such as hobbies or careers, instructors shall be able to present their accomplishments in that area. Examples would be samples of their artwork or craft, or their career accomplishments.

Instructors are not permitted to market any business product or service during the learning program.

Tellico Village residents play a vital role in helping to identify topics of interest and value to offer through Tellico Village University. A recommendation process is provided  on the website.


Tellico Village University Faculty

To learn about our TVU faculty and their interests and qualifications, click here.


 Ways Tellico Village Residents Can Contribute To TVU

Tellico Village University is an all-volunteer program. It takes a variety of persons with diverse interests, backgrounds and fields of expertise to help us GROW.  TVU could use your help with the following:

  • Suggest a topic or an instructor that would be of general interest to Villagers.
  • Volunteer to coordinate one activity, such as a Saturday Morning Breakfast Seminar, a day or overnight trip.
  • Volunteer to teach a class. Classes could be of any length, but shorter classes are better to arrange than long ones. Consider 1-2 hours; or a series of sessions of 1 hour each.
  • Contribute education media to TVU that would be interesting to others. Examples: DVD/CD that captures the essence of an interesting location; a language course; music program, etc.
  • Attend TVU programs and recommend them to others
  • Volunteer to coordinate a TVU fund-raiser activity; or attend and participate in one.
  • Volunteer new ideas to help TVU GROW.
  • Volunteer to be an active member of the TVU Curriculum Committee.
  • Volunteer to provide some administrative services, such as record-keeping, writing articles for marketing, or webmaster duties.