An Overview of Twentieth Century Art

November 5     9:00-11:00am

Chota Rec Center Room D

Dr. Carl Gombert

Come and enjoy a morning of Art History with a captivating College Professor.

The contemporary art world occupies a very big tent containing an incredibly diverse array of approaches, intentions, and practices. Dr. Carl Gombert, Maryville College Professor of Art, will discuss some of the major developments in artistic practice in the last hundred years including conceptual art, feminist art, and earth art. Among others, he will focus on artists such as Marcel Duchamp whose work still puzzles and annoys art students after a hundred years; Judy Chicago, whose Dinner Party is a groundbreaking collaborative feminist icon; Cindy Sherman whose photographic self-portraits explore multiple aspects of modern femininity and identity, and Robert Smitshon whose large-scale earthworks reject the commercialism of the modern art gallery by fashioning art out of the landscape itself. Come and learn how some contemporary artists are continuing to find ways to expand the giant tent that is the art world.

Dr. Carl Gombert, Professor of Art from Maryville College, will lead this class.

He has exhibited his work in more than 200 shows throughout the country, and since 1993 has taught painting, drawing and art history at Maryville College in Tennessee.

The tuition for this class is $5 payable to TVPOA so we can give Dr. Gombert a well-deserved honorarium.