Cooking Up Culture

How Cookbooks Shape and Maintain Identities Throughout History

October 26    1:00-3:00pm

Chota Rec Center Room B

Dr. Nancy Locklin-Sofer

She was so popular last year with her history of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries through an exploration of witches that the participants last year invited her back!  So here she is again with another intriguing topic designed to capture your curiosity.


Dr. Nancy Locklin –Sofer is a Professor of History at Maryville College.   We have learned that her teaching approach is veeeerrrrrrrrryyy creative and enjoyable. This course will use cookbooks to explore a wide range of historical cultures.  Cookbooks are an amazing source for understanding the family home, the economy, and even the political structures of a society.  Stops on the tour through historical cuisines will include ancient Babylon, ancient Rome, Medieval Europe, and Revolutionary America.


MEN – don’t be intimidated.  This is not a home economics course.  Truly for the history buff.


You never had a history class like this one before!


There is a $5 tuition for this session payable at the class so that we may give Dr. Locklin Sofer a well-deserved honorarium. BUT those who come dressed in their favorite apron, chef’s hat or bring an old cookbook will be admitted tuition free!