Tuition Policy


Please read our Tuition Policy before you register for a course.




The tuition for every course is given in the course description. Please read this simple policy that explains how to pay the tuition for a course you register for, and also how to cancel if that becomes necessary.

*For most courses you will find that you pay (cash or check made to TVPOA) at the door when you arrive for the class.

For every course, at the end of the course description you will find a REGISTER HERE link. For most courses, you may click on that link or you may come back here to the home page and click on REGISTER HERE in the menu bar.

Fill out the registration form completely. Do not leave any blank spaces. Then click “Submit”.

After you submit your completed form, the TVU Registrar will shortly send you a confirmation email.

If you must cancel your registration…

If you must cancel from a “pay at the door” class, send an email that includes the name/title of the class to the registrar, so that someone on the Waiting List can attend. You may also leave the same information by clicking on the Contact Page and filling out the information and submitting it.

*For classes from outside providers that require prepayment, follow the registration and payment instructions included in the course description. These courses are clearly identified.

If you must cancel from a prepaid class…

Follow the instructions given in the course description and go to the website. TVU cannot cancel those classes for you.

Cancellation from a prepaid class must be done NO LATER than 3 days before the start of the class. No refunds will be made for cancellations 2 days, 1 day, or the day of the class.