Provides overall leadership, planning and integration to Tellico Village University while working with other volunteer individuals and groups who coordinate particular TVU events.  This in a program management role and does not require adult education program or teaching experience.

TVU is part of the Tellico Village Property Owners’ Association in the Communications and Marketing Department.  The Department Director and the Lifestyle Coordinator who serves as the TVU Administrator provide support and guidance.

Specific duties (Any of these duties may be assumed by the Associate Director):

  • Recruits, trains and assigns new volunteers as needed.
  • Communicates with all volunteer coordinators throughout semester.
  • Convenes a yearly meeting of TVU volunteers to review activities, discuss new initiatives, and develop improvements.
  • Contributes to curriculum program planning with other planners for each of two semesters per year.
  • Develops the TVU website two times per year for the POA support to manage.
  • Develops class coordination and registration forms for each class for the Lifestyle Coordinator (TVU Administrator) and Coordinators’ use.
  • Secures and reserves classroom space for each class each semester.
  • Creates the master schedule for each semester including room assignments and coordinator assignments. (This is accomplished with the Chota Rec Center Manager and the Yacht Club representative for most classes.)
  • Represents TVU throughout the Village. Works with others to represent TVU programs at particular events.
  • Does marketing of classes through Next Door Neighbor, Tell E Gram, Kahite Yahoo, The Connections, Tellico Village Broadcasting, use of flyers and other liaisons at area communities.
  • Obtains and sends checks from POA to provide payment or an honorarium to particular presenters; and for reimbursement of particular receipted expenses.